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Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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If you need a low maintenance, well-engineered and long-term solution to safeguard the contents of your business, Butler® has it and Millstream Building Systems is proud to build it.

Millstream has 25 years of experience in retrofitting roofs for a variety of customers.

When you choose a Butler® roof system from Millstream you are getting an affordable and durable product that will last for decades, saving you hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs. We offer several options when replacing or retrofitting your roof, most of which can be installed directly over your existing roof, avoiding disruptions in your daily business activity.

The MR-24® Standing Seam Roof System is the industry’s #1 standing-seam roof system with proven in-place performance of 40+ years. This Energy Star rated roof system has green-building properties that make it recyclable and energy efficient. The MR-24® roof system can also be used in a retrofit application with either Butler’s patented Low Profile Metal over Metal or High Profile Metal over Metal systems. 

The Slope Build-up Reroof System is designed for application over flat built-up or membrane roofs.

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The VSR II Roof System is a versatile standing-seam roof system ideal for architectural applications that provides a flexible solution for even the most complex roof designs.

The Butlerib® II Roof System is the industry’s best through-fastened roof system used for retrofitting over a conventional roof system. This attractive roof provides an economical, weather-tight solution for a variety of industrial and commercial buildings.

The value that you get with Millstream installing a Butler® roofing system is unmatched. Imagine saving money, improving your company curb appeal , and in many cases maintaining productivity during the installation. Call Millstream today to find out which option will best fit your needs.

Green and Energy Efficient Options

The cost savings doesn’t stop with just choosing a roofing system. Let Millstream enhance your roof system and maximize your building’s performance with these high-efficient options from Butler® Manufacturing.

SunLite Strip™ Self-Curbing Daylighting System for the MR-24® Roof System

Introducing natural daylight into your building can reduce lighting expenses by up to 70% with installed lighting controls as well as increasing productivity and customer sales. The superior engineering of the prismatic domed skylights pulls in more light during the day than any other skylight on the market. Its design complements and retrofits into the MR-24® roof system perfectly and installs in 1/3 the time of curb-mounted systems.

Thermaliner Insulation System

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Installing this insulated liner system enhances the energy efficiency of any of the roofing systems mentioned above and will help save hundreds on your building’s heating and cooling costs. The acoustic properties of the Thermaliner also reduces noise and helps keep interior spaces quieter and more productive. The liner panel comes painted or unpainted and provides an attractive look to your building’s interior.

You simply cannot find better roofing solutions anywhere else. Choose a Butler® roofing system to retrofit your new or existing roof today andcall Millstream for a free roofing estimate. We are your local Butler Builder®!